. Corporate Governance

The philosophy of Amrit Banaspati Company Limited (ABCL) on corporate governance envisages attainment of highest standards of transparency, accountability, equity and integrity in its operations and dealings with all its stakeholders comprising of shareholders, employees, creditors, bankers, government and last but not least the society at large. We at ABCL believe that corporate governance is not merely a set of rules but it is the way a "Corporate" is run and managed so that the interests of all its stakeholders are secured.

Thus, the entire corporate structure of ABCL strive to be consistent with not only the provisions of clause 49 of the Listing Agreement in letter and spirit but also to adhere to unwritten rules of good corporate governance emanating from ethical behaviour, fair play and sense of justice.

The stakeholders may refer to Annual Report for the year 2010-11 for entire report on Corporate Governance.

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. Annual Reports

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    - Notice and Annual Report for 28th Annual General Meeting
    - Notice and Annual Report for 27th Annual General Meeting
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