Name, designation and address of Compliance officer
Mr. Tushar Goel
Company Secretary
Amrit Banaspati Co. Ltd.,
A-95, Sector – 65
Noida – 201 309 (UP)
Tel No. : 0120 – 4506900
Fax No. : 0120 – 4506910
Exclusive e-mail ID for redressal of investor complaints
In terms of clause 47(f) of the Listing Agreement entered into by the company with the stock exchanges at Bombay & Delhi, the exclusive e-mail ID for lodging/reporting complaints relating to shares is
Attested copy of PAN Card mandatory for registering transfer/transmission/transposition/name deletion of shares in physical form
Investors/shareholders may please note that in case of off-market/private transactions involving transfer of shares in physical form, SEBI had vide its circular no. MRD/DoP/ Cir-05/2009 dated May 20, 2009, made mandatory for the transferee(s) to furnish copy of PAN card to the Company/RTAs.
SEBI had issued another circular No. SEBI/MRD/DoP/SE/RTA/Cir-03/2010 dated 07.01.2010 clarifying that that it shall be mandatory to furnish a copy of PAN in the following cases also-
  • Deletion of name of the deceased shareholder(s), where the shares are held in the name of two or more shareholders.
  • Transmission of shares to the legal heir(s), where deceased shareholder was the sole holder of shares.
  • Transposition of shares - when there is a change in the order of names in which physical shares are held jointly in the names of two or more shareholders.

The Investors/shareholders, are therefore requested that while submitting necessary papers for transfer, transmission, etc. of shares in physical form to the Company/RTA, attested copy of PAN card be also furnished to avoid delay.

Investors can send the necessary papers for transfer, transmission, etc. of shares to the Company at its registered office address as given above or to Registrar & Share Transfer agents of the Company at the below mentioned address:

Registrar & Share Transfer Agents
MAS Services Ltd.
T-34, 2nd Floor
Okhla Industrial Area Phase II,
New Delhi - 110 020
Tel. nos. Ph:- 26387281/82/83
Fax: 011-Fax:- 26387384
website :

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