E-Voting for the 29th Annual General Meeting

Pursuant to provisions of Section 108 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 20 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014, the Company is pleased to offer e-voting facility to the members to cast their vote electronically on all resolutions set forth in the Notice convening the 29th Annual General Meeting.  The Company has engaged the services of Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) to provide e-voting facility. In this regard, the Demat Account / Folio Number of the shareholders has been enrolled by the Company for their participation in e-voting on resolutions placed by the Company on e-voting system. The e-voting facility is available at the link https://www.evotingindia.com.

The e-voting facility will be available during the following voting period:

Commencement of e-voting

Thursday, August 07, 2014 at 9.00 a.m.

End of e-voting

Saturday, August 09, 2014 at 6.00 p.m.

 The cut-off date (i.e. the record date) for the purpose of e-voting is 27th June, 2014.

Instructions for e-voting:

Members are requested to follow the instructions below to cast their vote electronically:

  1. Log on to the e-voting website www.evotingindia.com.
  2. Click on “Shareholders” tab.
  3. Now, select the “COMPANY NAME - AMRIT BANASPATI COMPANY LIMITED” from the drop down menu and click on “SUBMIT”.
  4. Now, enter your User ID as provided to you in the communication sent.
  5. If you are holding shares in Demat form and had logged on to www.evotingindia.com and voted on an earlier voting of any company, then your existing password is to be used. If you are a first time user follow the steps given below.
  6. Now, fill up the following details in the appropriate boxes:


Enter your 10 digit alpha-numeric PAN issued by Income Tax Department (Applicable for both demat shareholders as well as physical shareholders) as provided to you in the communication sent.


Enter the Date of Birth as recorded in your demat account or in the company records for the said demat account or folio in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Dividend Bank Details *

Enter the Dividend Bank Details as recorded in your demat account or in the company records for the said demat account or folio.

*          Please enter any one of the details in order to login. In case both the details are not recorded with the depository or company please enter the member id / folio number in the Dividend Bank details field.

  1. After entering these details appropriately, click on "SUBMIT" tab.
  2. Members holding shares in physical form will then reach directly the Company selection screen. However, members holding shares in demat form will now reach 'Password Creation' menu wherein they are required to mandatorily enter their login password in the new password field. Kindly note that this password is to be also used by the demat holders for voting for resolutions of any other company on which they are eligible to vote, provided that company opts for e-voting through CDSL platform. It is strongly recommended not to share your password with any other person and take utmost care to keep your password confidential.
  3. For Members holding shares in physical form, the details can be used only for e-voting on the resolutions contained in this Notice.
  4. Click on the EVSN for Amrit Banaspati Company Limited to vote.
  5. On the voting page, you will see Resolution Description and against the same the option "YES/NO" for voting. Select the option YES or NO as desired. The option YES implies that you assent to the Resolution and option NO implies that you dissent to the Resolution.
  6. Click on the "Resolutions File Link" if you wish to view the entire Resolutions.
  7. After selecting the resolution you have decided to vote on, click on "SUBMIT". A confirmation box will be displayed. If you wish to confirm your vote, click on "OK", else to change your vote, click on "CANCEL" and accordingly modify your vote.
  8. Once you "CONFIRM" your vote on the resolution, you will not be allowed to modify your vote.
  9. You can also take out print of the voting done by you by clicking on "Click here to print" option on the Voting page.
  10. If Demat account holder has forgotten the changed password then enter the User ID and Captcha Code and click on Forgot Password & enter the details as prompted by the system.
  11. Institutional shareholders (i.e. other than Individuals, HUF, NRI etc.) are required to log on to https://www.evotingindia.co.in and register themselves as Corporates. After receiving the login details they have to link the account(s) which they wish to vote on and then cast their vote. They should upload a scanned copy of the Board Resolution and Power of Attorney (POA) which they have issued in favour of the Custodian, if any, in PDF format in the system for the scrutinizer to verify the same. 

General Instructions:

  1. The e-voting period commences on 07th August, 2014 (9.00 a.m.) and ends on 09th August, 2014 (6.00 p.m.). During this period shareholders' of the Company, holding shares either in physical form or in dematerialized form, as on the cut-off date (record date) of 27th June, 2014, may cast their vote electronically. The e-voting module shall be disabled by CDSL for voting thereafter.
  2. In case you have any queries or issues regarding e-voting, you may refer the Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") and e-voting manual available at www.evotingindia.co.in under help section or write an email to helpdesk.evoting@cdslindia.com.
  3. The voting rights of shareholders shall be in proportion to their shares of the paid up equity share capital of the Company as on the cut-off date (record date) of 27th June, 2014.
  4. Mr. Baldev Singh Kashtwal, Practicing Company Secretary (Membership No. FCS - 3616 & CP No. 3169), Partner M/s R S M & Co., Company Secretaries, has been appointed as the Scrutinizer to scrutinize the e-voting process in a fair and transparent manner.
  5. The Results shall be declared on or after the AGM of the Company. The Results declared alongwith the Scrutinizer's Report shall be placed on the Company's website www.amritbanaspati.com and on the website of CDSL within two (2) days of passing of the resolutions at the AGM of the Company.
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